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Butterball Bath Bomb

A classic.

Butterball is a lovely bath bomb that’s perfect for when you’re looking for something that’s gentle on the skin and gentle on the nose. It’s full of moisturising cocoa butter to nourish dry and irritated skin. It’s also got very a very short list of ingredients meaning it’s perfect for anyone with sensitive skin (including little ones!).

Butterball is scented with Ylang Ylang and Synthetic Musk. Ylang Ylang Oil is used in aromatherapy to relax the nervous system and relieve anger, panic and fear. Synthetic Musk has a sweet and seductive scent. Natural Musk (from animals) has been used in Chinese medicine for years to help cure anxiety. Luckily, Lush found a way to make Musk cruelty free by producing it synthetically. Both of these combined give this bath bomb a sweet and delicious vanilla smell.

Once in the bath, Butterball fizzes away quite quickly, filling the water with rich buttery oils as the Cocoa Butter melts with the temperature. There’s a pale yellowish tint to the water but because of the bath bomb’s size and lack of strong colour, it doesn’t change the colour that much.


The melted butter in the water quickly gets to work at deeply nourishing and moisturising your skin and you can feel it almost straight away in the bath as well as a long time after you’ve left it, as it leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling sweet!

Personally, whilst I do see the appeal of a simple bath bomb, I wouldn’t use a Butterball ever on it’s own, I think it’s a great addition to another bath bomb or bubble bar such as The Experimenter or Karma and I love to use it with something else, but for me it is a little boring on its own.


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Synthetic Musk, Ylang Ylang Oil, Perfume


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