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Strawberry Hill Shower Bomb

Since the release of the first shower bombs way back last year, I’ve been wondering when (or if) Lush would be bringing out any other varieties. After no seasonal shower bombs were released for neither Christmas nor Valentines, I was starting to think maybe they had given up on that idea. But I guess not, as Strawberry Hill debuted as part of 2019’s Mothers Day range.

For anyone who hasn’t seen a shower bomb before, they’re basically like bath bombs that you use in the shower. They foam up under the running water just like a bath bomb would and you then use the foam to wash yourself with. If a bath bomb is for a luxury bath experience, then think of these as the shower’s counterpart.

Shower bombs are often slightly exfoliating due to the texture of the bath bomb-like lather they produce. Strawberry Hill also contains Soybean Flower, which gives an ever so gentle scrub. When Soybean Flour is put in contact with warm water it creates a rich, softening milk that will soothe the skin also. A mix of Potato Starch and Sodium Alginate means that the mousse shower bombs produce feels so luxurious and rich, and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft after. Along with the Soybean Flour, Strawberry Hill is no exception and foams up wonderfully.

As you can imagine, given the name and the design, this shower bomb contains Fresh Strawberry Puree. Strawberries contain both malic and citric acids to cleanse and brighten the skin, and they are a natural source of powerful antioxidants which help to improve the skin’s elasticity. Although containing the fruit, it isn’t actually this that gives Strawberry Hill its strawberry-ish scent. Strawberries themselves don’t have much of an aroma so they’re often mimicked by other ingredients to give you the popular smell.

This product is actually scented with Vanilla Absolute, Brazilian Orange Oil and Rose Absolute for a gentle, fruity and sweet fragrance. It’s quite powdery, especially given the format but ultimately smells rather decadent when you’re using it in the shower and the hot water only elevates the scent, filling your senses. Sadly, there wasn’t much of the scent lingering on my skin after I was out, just a mild remembrance that was more floral than the original product.

Some people argue that shower bombs aren’t worth it, due to the fact you only get one use out of each one, yes you can leave half to dry but I find they don’t work as well a second time. However saying this, bath bombs are only the one use too and you don’t see people complaining about that do you? I know it’s not the same, but for people who don’t have baths, it’s nice that they have a chance of some luxury too.

I’m really glad we’re starting to see more shower bombs and if future releases are as good as Strawberry Hill then I’ll be happy!


Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream Of Tartar, Citric Acid, Potato Starch, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Alginate, Calcium Lactate Gluconate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Soybean Flour, Vanilla Absolute, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Rose Absolute, Fresh Strawberry Puree, Water, Benzyl Alcohol, Eugenol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Perfume, Colour 45410



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